5 Miami Dolphins players you should watch closely because they won't be back in 2024

The Miami Dolphins have several players that may not make the 2023 roster but 2023 will likely be the final year for these five players whose contracts will likely end up terminated.
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We can jump right into this because our featured image says it all. Emmanuel Ogbah is likely playing his final season with the Miami Dolphins.

Ogbah has a shot to stick around but if he does, he will more than likely either A: have an amazing 2023 season that the Dolphins simply can't ignore, or B: he is willing to take a paycut.

In 2023, Ogbah's contract isn't something Miami can just toss away becuase of the dead money they would have to eat, $21 million to be exact. The savings on that release would be only $3.8 million and Miami would have to replace him.

2024, however, sees that number fall into Miami's favor when they will recoup $13.8 million against a $4 million dead money hit. That number will further drop another two million in 2025 should he make it through the 2024 season.

Also working against Ogbah is time. He is 30 years old entering this season and will be 31 by the time the 2024 season arrives. He was on IR last year and if he ends up on the list again this year, we can assume, safely, that he won't be back.

In reality, with the contracts that are coming due for other players, Miami is likely going to look to get younger and that leaves Ogbah looking for another team after this season.