5 Miami Dolphins players you should watch closely because they won't be back in 2024

The Miami Dolphins have several players that may not make the 2023 roster but 2023 will likely be the final year for these five players whose contracts will likely end up terminated.
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To many Miami Dolphins fans, the site of Jerome Baker still being on the roster is a bit surprising but his contract wasn't good for Miami to release him this year. That changes in 2024.

Baker will count $14.8 million against the 2024 salary cap and if he is released, pre-June 1st, the Dolphins would save nearly $10 million while eating $5 million in dead space. If designated a post-June 1st release, like Byron Jones this year, Miami recoups $11.1 million against a $3.7 million hit.

Baker has been good for Miami despite some fans thinking the opposite. Is he a great linebacker? No. Getting a better option and fit on defense would make sense depending on how he acclimates to Vic Fangio's system on defense. If he excels this year, you would have to wonder if he sticks around next season.

For Baker, it is about how his performance goes but even that might not be enough to keep him around as the Dolphins will need to start getting younger. Baker will be 28 by the time the 2024 season begins.

One possibility, however, could be an extension if Baker fits well and plays well in this new system. Baker has no guaranteed money left on his deal after 2023 and his final two years, 2025 and 2026 are both voidable. If Baker plays well, Miami could re-work the contract that pushes some of the contract into guaranteed money that would reduce the cap hit considerably.

That being said, Baker's cap number is only $1 million and change in 2025. There is some room to float money around but chances are, the Dolphins will look to making a change inside.