5 Miami Dolphins players you should watch closely because they won't be back in 2024

The Miami Dolphins have several players that may not make the 2023 roster but 2023 will likely be the final year for these five players whose contracts will likely end up terminated.

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The Miami Dolphins running back situation is a fluid one with Jeff Wilson and Raheem Mostert currently the featured backs but in 2024, that will likely change.

Miami's future seems to be tied to DeVon Achane, Miami's 3rd round draft pick in 2023. While many still wonder if Dalvin Cook is in play, Cook's arrival would not likely change the futures of Wilson and Mostert this year but regardless of what happens on that front, this year should be the last for both.

Wilson is due to make $3.7 million next year. That is a low number for a running back especially one that starts but the Dolphins would recover $3 million if he is released and eat a modest $782K. For Mostert that number is $650K with $2.7 million in savings.

Of the two, Wilson has a better shot at sticking around but honestly, I don't see that pathway as Miami's running game would need to be special this year for one or both players otherwise, the Dolphins are going to shop for replacements which I think they will anyway.

If Miami signs Cook to a deal longer than one year, the writing is certainly on the wall but regardless of Cook's status, 2023 should be the final season of seeing Wilson and Mostert running in the offense, at least to the point of being a tandem duo.

The immediate future of the Miami Dolphins is DeVon Achane and that is going to change how the RB unit looks moving beyond the 2023 season.