5 new Miami Dolphins players who will be upgrades this season

The Miami Dolphins saw a lot of turnover since the 2023 season ended, but several moves made them better
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4. Jordyn Brooks over Jerome Baker

Jerome Baker gave everything he had to the Dolphins, but his production on the field wasn't equal to his salary. When Anthony Weaver became the defensive coordinator, the writing appeared to be on the wall for Baker.

Baker was good, but lacked the physicality to become elite at times. Jordyn Brooks isn't elite, but he has the physicality to become that. Baker has been in the NFL since the 2018 draft, while Brooks was taken in the 2020 draft. Brooks made an impression with the Seahawks, and the Dolphins got him relatively easily.

Brooks will give Weaver a starting middle linebacker with the mental awareness to go with his athleticism. In their comparative careers, Baker is better statistically. More sacks, 22.5 - 6.5, 382 solo tackles compared to 309. Brooks has 23 tackles for loss, only eight less than Baker in two fewer seasons.

Weaver wants his linebackers to be instinctive and attack the ball carriers at the line of scrimmage. Baker was solid, but his reactions started slow. Brooks is quick to discern between a pass and a run and reacts quickly. The speed Brooks plays at will help improve the Dolphins' linebacker unit.