5 new Miami Dolphins players who will be upgrades this season

The Miami Dolphins saw a lot of turnover since the 2023 season ended, but several moves made them better
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2. Jonnu Smith over the Dolphins entire TEs group

Miami spent their franchise tag two seasons ago on Mike Gesicki and then proceeded to leave him on the bench. Ultimately, he signed with the Patriots where they too left him on the bench. Miami was content with playing last season without a top pass-catching tight end. They needed a better option.

Durham Smythe is a good blocking tight end and an adequate pass-catcher, but Jonnu Smith can do both of those jobs and is far superior to Smythe in the passing game. In fact, Smith is a better receiving option in Mike McDaniel's offense than any other tight end on the roster.

Like every player, Smith has the potential for poor play. In the case of Smith, it isn't so much poor play as McDaniel's poor play-calling. McDaniel has to utilize Smith in his system. It would be a waste of talent if he did not.

Smith is better than any other TE on the Dolphins roster, and while Smythe is more consistent, that can't be said about the others on the team. Smith is a player who can improve the Dolphins' offense. He runs solid routes and can muscle defenders for contested passes. Smith's addition will improve the unit considerably.