5 Players the Miami Dolphins could trade whether fans like them or not

The NFL is about to turn the corner into the 2024 league new year and there are moves the Miami Dolphins should be trying to make, including trades.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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For the Miami Dolphins, making trades that send players away from the organization is rarely met with applause but sometimes, it has to be done.

Recently, former Dolphins executive Mike Tannenbaum made waves when he suggested the Dolphins trade Jaylen Waddle. I will be honest, his "Waddle for Trent McDuffie straight-up" idea made Chiefs fans laugh, but there is something here.

Sorry folks, but I'm going to stick here for a minute and say that while Tannenbaum isn't exactly an expert at much of anything these days, his idea isn't bad.

Jaylen Waddle - 1 year left on rookie contract, eligible for the 5th-year option.

If you don't love Jaylen Waddle, there is a problem. He is so much fun to watch and anyone who can get the awkward Stephen Ross to dance in is owner's box is doing something right. That being said, Waddle may have more value to the Dolphins in a trade.

Miami is going to have to pay Waddle. Many fans think that Christian Wilkins shouldn't be re-signed because he isn't elite. Well, neither is Waddle. Waddle is good...he is very good. He has a load of talent and could be a number one WR in the NFL. The problem is he is going to command big money when his contract is finally up and I have to wonder if he can be that number one WR for the Dolphins when Tyreek Hill is gone.

Hill is under contract through 2026 but will likely be gone after the 2025 season. Is Waddle going to take that torch? The fact I have questions about that is pause for concern. If Miami could turn Waddle into a couple of first-round picks, maybe more, I would consider pulling that trigger.

The Dolphins roster isn't built for sustained success as it stands right now and that puts good players in the crosshairs of potential trades. Even some Miami fans don't want to see traded. Here is a subjective/hypothetical look at players that could be traded. Miami doesn't have a lot of players that have value on the market.

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