5 Players the Miami Dolphins could trade whether fans like them or not

The NFL is about to turn the corner into the 2024 league new year and there are moves the Miami Dolphins should be trying to make, including trades.

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The Miami Dolphins need to move on from Xavien Howard but what if they could get something in a trade?

Xavien Howard - Under contract through 2027

Howard's future in Miami is uncertain. He is expensive and there is a lot of speculation that the Dolphins could designate him as a June 1st release in the next few weeks. Howard's contract and his level of play currently don't match, at all. Not even close.

Howard wouldn't bring in a first-day draft pick in compensation and he probably won't get the Dolphins a day-two pick right now either. Miami will also have to eat a big portion of his salary to facilitate a trade. How much of that salary could dictate the level of compensation?

There is value in Howard in a trade. Miami could land a 4th round pick for the CB if they can take on portions of his contract but I think a 5th is more likely given his production over the last two seasons.

Another issue that could make this harder is his health issues. Howard continues to deal with injuries, some minor, but others, like last season, was enough to end his season early.

Should the Dolphins try and trade him? Absolutely. Can they? That is the biggest question.