5 Players the Miami Dolphins could trade whether fans like them or not

The NFL is about to turn the corner into the 2024 league new year and there are moves the Miami Dolphins should be trying to make, including trades.

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The Miami Dolphins should be shopping Erik Ezukanma ahead of free agency.

Erik Ezukanma - Under contract on his rookie deal

The Miami Dolphins won't get much for Ez-E and that is understandable. A late conditional round pick would be the best they could hope for, maybe just a swap of picks in round 6. Regardless, the Dolphins should go down this path.

Ezukanma impressed during his rookie year training camp but that didn't translate to the field during the season. Rumors of his inability to grasp the offense was a problem. Last year, he spent the season on the non-football injury list.

2024 could see his return to the field but the Dolphins don't have a huge need for him and a change of scenery might do him some good. Miami can't expect much in return and Ez-E could be a player added to a different deal to "sweeten" that trade, if one came down the pipe, so to speak.

There is a lot to like about the young WR but Miami knows he needs more time to develop and the Dolphins WR unit is pretty good without him. He doesn't bring enough to the offense right now to justify turning down an offer should one happen.

Of course, finding a trade partner isn't going to be easy, and again, the Dolphins' best option may be to include him in a larger deal. If the Dolphins were looking to gain more draft picks, say trading down with 21 to gain more capital, Ez-E could be a player that makes that more realistic.