5 Players the Miami Dolphins could trade whether fans like them or not

The NFL is about to turn the corner into the 2024 league new year and there are moves the Miami Dolphins should be trying to make, including trades.

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The Miami Dolphins biggest trade chip, however, may be Christian Wilkins.

Christian Wilkins - Impending free agent

The Dolphins do not currently hold Wilkins' in their pocket. The only way Miami could facilitate a trade with Wilkins is to assign him the Franchise Tag and then try to make a trade.

We can debate re-signing Wilkins to an extension and I am all for that but that may not happen. If the Dolphins tagged Wilkins, they could then work out a deal with another team that may not want or be able to afford, a bidding war in free agency.

Miami did something similar with Jarvis Landry. The return wasn't great but it was something. With Wilkins, the Dolphins would get a better return and would also have some say in where he doesn't end up as opposed to letting him hit the market openly.

Anthony Weaver said that Wilkins is a player he is looking forward to working with and that could be an indication that Miami wants to re-sign him but the pricetag is going to be the key. If the Dolphins can't get close getting a new deal done, tag and trade could be the right option.