5 players who could be nice surprises in 2024 for the Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins made some quality roster moves during the early days of free agency, they hopefully will add more during the draft. Some may be nice surprises.

We can't be certain what Miami does in the draft but if we look at the Dolphins' current roster ahead of it, we can identify some players that might be quite the positive surprise in 2024 regardless of whether they are new or not.

Cam Smith - Smith missed last season not because of injury but because he didn't mess with Vic Fangio. Smith will be an interesting watch this season. If he gets on the field, Dolphins fans may end up questioning why Fangio kept him on the bench all year, not that we don't already.

In preseason last year, Smith showed that he could play fast, maybe too fast at times. he took some risks and while some paid off, others didn't. Of course, we didn't have a great body of practice work to get a good idea of what he would be at this level.

What is interesting, is Smith seems as though he has something to prove this year. A chip on the shoulder if you will. After being labeled for not being on the field last season, Smith needs to prove he was the smart pick in round two last season. He could surprise a lot of people.