5 players who could be nice surprises in 2024 for the Dolphins

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Tua Tagovailoa is secure in his job but a camp competition could surprisingly take place behind him.

Skylar Thompson - Thompson and Mike White are pretty close to being even and this year, one of those two will not make the final 53. On the surface, that QB should be Thompson. The league rules regarding practice squad QBs mean teams will no longer need to carry a 3rd QB on the 53-man roster.

In a nutshell, teams can activate a PS QB every week of the season to serve as the emergency QB on game day.

So, it would seem that Thompson would be relegated to the PS given the fact he would likely clear waivers. That isn't 100% the case, however. Mike White's contract could play into this as well.

That brings us to a surprise camp battle between White's contract and Thompson's ability to clear waivers. If both players are equal through the camp, and they certainly will be pretty close, Mike McDaniel will have a tough decision and I would not be surprised if they choose Thompson who while inconsistent hasn't played horribly badly.