5 players who could be playing their final games with the Miami Dolphins and two that won't be

The end of the season will not mark the final weekend for the Miami Dolphins but there are only a handful of games left for some current players.
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No other free agent addition has been under more scrutiny than Miami Dolphins WR Cedrick Wilson, Jr. but he is likely sticking around.

It was presumed, incorrectly, that Wilson would be the odd many out this past off-season. His salary wasn't a big problem and could have saved the Dolphins some cash. Next year, the Dolphins would save $2.5 million with no dead money.

While many believe that Wilson could be gone, the fact he is only going to cost Miami $2.5 million is a good indication that he may very well be back. It wouldn't make much sense to release Wilson next year considering they kept him around at a higher salary this year.

Miami would need to replace Wilson as well and unless they view Erik Ezukanma as the replacement saving $2.5 million just to turn around and then pay another WR more doesn't make sense for Miami.

Prediction: Wilson sticks around in 2024 because it simply would cost Miami more to replace him and he is giving the Dolphins a reliable backup option. The reality is simple, Miami kept him when he was overpaid, now they should keep him when he isn't.