5 potential DC replacements the Dolphins could consider to replace Vic Fangio

With Vic Fangio now out of Miami, the Dolphins have to find a replacement and that means another coaching search for a 3rd straight year.
New Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

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New Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. Img 9609 / HAL HABIB / The Palm Beach Post / USA
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Miami Dolphins fans barely got to know Vic Fangio after his one-and-done season. It makes sense as to why he is leaving, to be closer to home, but this will be the 3rd DC in three years for Mike McDaniel.

Now that the Dolphins are in the process of looking for a new defensive coordinator, the question is who is available that might make sense for Mike McDaniel? Will he listen to recommendations from the departing Fangio who could give McDaniel insight into an in-house option?

We are likely to find out soon but in the meantime, who might be options for the Dolphins?

Sticking inside the Dolphins building, only two coaches stand out as options for McDaniel.

Anthony Campanile - Currently Campanile coaches the linebackers and he has done fairly well with what he was given to work with. Jerome Baker looked much younger this year and Andrew Van Ginkel soared in this system.

Campanile would allow some continuity from this year to the next. He knows the defensive scheme but he also knows the players. He may lack the experience of other options but if the Dolphins are looking to continue building on that side of the ball in the same direction he may be an option. The downside is definitely his experience which would make him better suited for a return next year in the same role.

Renaldo Hill - The Dolphins passing game coordinator/secondary coach also makes some sense if the Dolphins are looking to continue in the same or similar direction.

For Hill, it would be his second stint as a DC. Previously he worked in the role for the Chargers from 2021 to 2022. Hill wasn't ready at the time but he could use that experience to do better in his 2nd go around. He has been coaching since 2012 and in the NFL has been a coach since 2018. He has more experience than Campanile who has only been coaching in the NFL since 2020 when he joined the Dolphins.