5 Potential Raven free agents who could follow Anthony Weaver to the Dolphins

NFL free agency will be he before we know it and with the Miami Dolphins new DC, Anthony Weaver, who might follow him from the Ravens?
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No other player will get more attention in free agency Miami Dolphins discussions than Patrick Queen.

Queen was drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft in round one by the Ravens. He has started all but one game in his NFL career and that came in his rookie season. He has been healthy, consistent, and reliable. In 2023 he made the Pro Bowl.

While Queen makes the interior LB position much better, he is going to want a good paycheck and there were reports that he said he would be interested in following Weaver to wherever he ended up but it would depend on if the money worked out.

The Dolphins should absolutely consider bringing Queen in for a look but the two sides may ultimately be too far apart to get a deal done. If they did sign him, Weaver would have the captain he needs on defense.