5 Potential Raven free agents who could follow Anthony Weaver to the Dolphins

NFL free agency will be he before we know it and with the Miami Dolphins new DC, Anthony Weaver, who might follow him from the Ravens?
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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If the Miami Dolphins lose Christian Wilkins to FA, indications are he will test the market, Miami could throw that money at Justin Madubuike.

Weaver knows the Ravens DTs like the back of his hand and Madubuike was coached up and earned his first Pro Bowl in 2023. Was his play this year elevated because it was a contract year or did something click?

He has started all but one game the last two seasons and is a big defensive lineman at 6'5", 305 lbs. Drafted like the others in 2020, the former 3rd rounder has not disappointed.

The question is can he continue to play at a high level after he leaves the Ravens, if he leaves the Ravens? Miami wanted more sacks from Wilkins this year and he delivered but Madubuike delivered more posting 13 sacks in 2023 after posting his previous career high, 5, in 2022.