5 Things Miami Dolphins fans can take away from the early moves in free agency

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It's early but there are some firm conclusions that can be made based on the free agency moves the Miami Dolphins have made thus far.

We are less than eight hours until official free agency begins and already the Miami Dolphins have turned the page on many fan favorites and replaced some of them with some not-so-favorite players.

I must say, legal tampering will be infinitely cooler than actual free agency which starts today at 4 PM. Sure, some more moves will be made by teams today but all the big-time moves, I feel, have already been done. Perhaps the Miami Dolphins will continue to bargain shop and add a few more players.

It appears they still have to get rid of some players. Players such as Cedrick Wilson Jr. and Jeff Wilson Jr. might not be on the team much longer if Chris Grier and Brandon Shore are still looking to create more cap space. Currently, the Miami Dolphins have a little less than $2M in available cap space.

There are players that you would think still need to have contracts restructured such as Tyreek Hill. So, the Miami Dolphins aren't finished adding pieces to the future 2024 squad.

The moves the Miami Dolphins have made have been predictable. We knew they weren't in much of a position to spend like they did a few years ago. We knew many of their homegrown talents were going to be elsewhere. I did think Andrew Van Ginkel would get resigned but alas, it wasn't in the stars.

There are still plenty of quality players out there and we can't forget the NFL Draft in April to add talent. Still, based on everything that has happened in the last two days, there are a few proclamations that can be made that I feel strongly about concerning the Miami Dolphins and what they're trying to do and what they still need to do in 2024.