5 Things Miami Dolphins fans can take away from the early moves in free agency

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The lack of defensive linemen is a problem for the Miami Dolphins right now.

Right now, the starting defensive front is as follows, Isaiah Mack, Brandon Pili, Zach Sieler, and Shaq Barrett. I can't tell you who the other pass-rushers will be in week one because Miami doesn't currently have anybody filling the roles of Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb. Remember, those guys will be out to at the very least the middle of the year.

Plus, losing the guys they did in free agency and you can easily say that the defensive front for the Miami Dolphins is, amazingly, worse than the Dolphin's offensive line.

They'll pick up more cheap guys in free agency as time moves forward, but it's the NFL draft that appears like the spot where they will have to hit on talent to fill these positions.

The offensive line is where it seemed like the Dolphins would concentrate on but the way their defensive line is right now, I don't see how they don't address it early and often in the draft.