5 Things Miami Dolphins fans can take away from the early moves in free agency

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The Miami Dolphins need to at least hit triples in the NFL Draft. Maybe even a home run.

With all the big-time players that the Miami Dolphins lost and because the cap situation that they created is pretty bad, it is imperative that Chris Grier and company hit on at least two picks. And by hit I mean they need to draft guys who will be starters on day one and produce.

I know that's a lot to ask but that is the situation that the Miami Dolphins have created.

They'll get a few more pieces, possibly even starters brought in as time goes on. They still have Xavien Howard money coming after June 1st so who knows who will be available at that time?

But the NFL Draft is where they need to build the rest of the roster. They have the 21st pick but instead of the amount of holes they still have to fill, I think trading down and getting more picks is the way to go. I reserve the right to change my mind later if certain players are falling in the draft but for right now getting more players needs to be a priority.