5 ways the NFL screwed the Miami Dolphins with the 2024 schedule

The NFL did the Miami Dolphins no favors with these five games on the 2024 schedule
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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4. Two West Coast trips at different times

It was bad enough that the schedule put the Dolphins on the West Coast twice in the same year, but this time around, the league opted to split the trips and that is just not a way that helps the Dolphins. Miami's first trip will be to Seattle in Week 3. It will be the first road trip of the season, and luckily, it comes after a long weekend. Miami will play Week 2 on Thursday night. The trip to Seattle isn't a huge deal except for the fact they also play the Rams in Los Angeles.

Once the Dolphins are done in Seattle, they will return to the West Coast in Week 10 when they travel to L.A. This will be a Monday Night Football matchup and will follow another away game against the Bills in Week 9. At least they won't play Buffalo late in the season when snow is more of a possibility.

The Dolphins may have found it better to travel west and stay on the coast to play both games back to back. Two years ago in 2022, Miami completed a three-game road trip that started in San Francisco, then they traveled north to L.A. and finished with the Bills in Buffalo. Miami lost all three of those games, so maybe complaining isn't a good thing.