5 ways the NFL screwed the Miami Dolphins with the 2024 schedule

The NFL did the Miami Dolphins no favors with these five games on the 2024 schedule
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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3. Two late-season games up north

Miami will have to find a way to win in cold weather this season. The Dolphins will play Green Bay in early November. That game shouldn't be too bad in terms of cold temperatures, but the Dolphins will wrap up their 2024 regular season against two cold-weather football teams.

Miami will travel to Cleveland in Week 17 to take on the Browns. Winds are horrible in late December and Lake Erie has been cruel to many southern teams visiting late in the year. Miami hasn't played well in recent years when the temperatures dip below the 40s.

If Cleveland wasn't bad enough, the NFL saw fit to send the Dolphins north to face the New York Jets in New York after the first of the year. It will be interesting to see what the temperatures will be in January along the Hudson River.

With the Dolphins finishing their season on the road against a playoff team and the Jets, who many believe will challenge for a playoff spot this year, Miami's season again could come down to how well they can play in the snow, sleet, or simply in potentially freezing temperatures.