5 ways the NFL screwed the Miami Dolphins with the 2024 schedule

The NFL did the Miami Dolphins no favors with these five games on the 2024 schedule
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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1. Brutal stretches against top teams

The Dolphins are playing a tough schedule in 2024, so it shouldn't be surprising that several of their opponents line up early and late. The start of the season is going to be tough. Opening with Jacksonville and Buffalo, followed by a road trip across the country to Seattle, is going to be a brutal early stretch.

Miami will get the Titans, Patriots, Colts, and Cardinals over the following four weeks and those games are practically must-win games given the start to the season. Miami will then have two tough games against the Bills and Rams, both on the road, before playing the Raiders and Patriots at home. Following the Week 12 game against New England, the Dolphins will hit another tough slate of games to finish the season.

Last season, Miami struggled down the stretch, losing to the Ravens and Bills. This year, when the league's playoff chase ramps up, the Dolphins will play four of their final six games on the road starting on Thanksgiving in Green Bay. Miami will host the Jets and San Francisco two weeks apart, but will face the Texans, Browns, and Jets again to wrap up the season. Those games are on the road.