6 Characteristics the Miami Dolphins have to find in their next DC

The Miami Dolphins are looking for a new defensive coordinator and success may come if the right characteristics are found.

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Any coach at any level can be impressive or impressively bad. Vic Fangio who left the Miami Dolphins this week leaves a hole on that side of the ball. The next DC has to be different.

Fangio was able to create a good defense in Miami but did he give it everything he had knowing there was a possibility that he could leave? I would like to think he did but his arrogance was a problem. Getting into the Fangio doghouse did not come with a key.

After Fangio left, some players quietly and publicly applauded. The fact is, Fangio is an old-school coach in a new-school arena and his tactics were not met with enthusiasm. Where Mike McDaniel was able to meet his players eye-to-eye, Fangio it seems looked down.

The next DC has to be better and there are certain characteristics that you look for in a coach. If Miami can find one that possesses these six, they might just hit a home run.

The new DC has to command respect and earn it.

The Dolphins' next DC can't walk through the door and demand that he is respected given his position. He needs to earn and his attitude toward the players and he approaches his coaching with command but if he walks in and starts criticizing and making changes for the sake of showing off his new power, he may as well take a long walk home because he won't win.