6 Characteristics the Miami Dolphins have to find in their next DC

The Miami Dolphins are looking for a new defensive coordinator and success may come if the right characteristics are found.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator has have a unit that is self-disciplined.

Discipline has been a problem with the Dolphins. Bradley Chubb throwing his helmet against the Titans is a discipline problem. Christian Wilkins giving an extra shove to Josh Allen is a discipline problem. So are pre-snap penalties, hands to the face, and in the secondary, holding.

You change a lot of this by coaching self-awareness and situational football. It's one thing to be a physical football team making errors in the heat of the game but it is another when you are playing not to lose position. In other words, grabbing jerseys and taking extra shots.

The Dolphins have to be better in this area and the next DC has to coach this. Knowing the protection lanes, and assignments, and recognizing offensive adjustments all fall into this category. If the next Dolphins DC can get the players to play on instinct and discipline they will heading in the right direction from the star.