6 Characteristics the Miami Dolphins have to find in their next DC

The Miami Dolphins are looking for a new defensive coordinator and success may come if the right characteristics are found.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Physicality is one of the most lacking attributes for the Miami Dolphins defense.

If you truly look around the NFL and pay attention to other top defenses, the Dolphins are far from a physical football team. Yes, they are tough, but that is different. Yes, they have power, but that is different. Yes, they can collapse a pocket and move the offensive line. That too is different.

Miami's defense isn't imposing. They don't scare anyone. They play well within a scheme and can stick to their assignments but when do they truly make teams pay, physically? Where is the punch-in-the-mouth attitude?

This is what Miami has been lacking. We started to see a little of it under Brian Flores. Miami isn't knocking the hell out of opposing players. One of the most visible instances was Patrick Mahomes running through the Dolphins' defense in the playoffs and not being touched. Miami needs to attack that. They need to make teams think twice about running a QB down their throat.

To me, this is one of the biggest issues I would love to see changed. A swarming defense that is less about sack dances and more about standing over someone they just laid out.