6 Characteristics the Miami Dolphins have to find in their next DC

The Miami Dolphins are looking for a new defensive coordinator and success may come if the right characteristics are found.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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From the time you are old enough to put on pads you are taught tackling techniques. The Miami Dolphins need to get back to the basics.

Tackling should be easy. Wrap, roll, drive. Put your facemask on their chest and drive through the ball carrier. Wrap, roll, drive. The Maimi Dolphins want to hit, no wrap.

Too often Dolphins defenders try to lower a shoulder and hit a ball carrier. They tend to miss more than they make some thrilling highlights. They try to tackle high far too much and this is one of the biggest issues with some of Miami's defenders.

The best defensive units know that if you want to tackle someone, hit them low, by the waist, or take out their legs. Tackling shoulder height and trying to use strength to pull a player down doesn't work.

Wrap. Roll. Drive. It would be nice to have some fundamental football brought back to the defense. Maybe that is why so many get hurt, they simply don't have proper technique buried in their brains.