6 NFL teams that could steal Christian Wilkins away from the Dolphins with a big offer

The Miami Dolphins may let Christians Wilkins test free agency in March and several teams will try to land the defensive tackle.
Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips (15) and defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94) sack Las
Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips (15) and defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94) sack Las / JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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Christian Wilkins remains a key for the Miami Dolphins' offseason. Re-signing him will keep continuity on the defense but if they opt to let him go, it is money they wouldn't be spending.

Miami has to make a decision between now and March 13th, the start of free agency officially. They could Franchise Tag him and then try and extend him or even trade him. NFL teams can start using the tag later this month.

If the Dolphins let Wilkins test the market, who might be interested in him? It is speculated that his contract could approach the $100 million mark on a 4-year deal with around $80 million guaranteed. The numbers continue to fluctuate because no one really knows what he will ask for and receive.

If not the Miami Dolphins, then who might be interested in Wilkins? There are approximately 15 teams that need DT help but some do not have the cap space to add him while others have the space and some connections.

The Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are an interesting team to watch. They have the cap space, nearly $20 million before any roster moves have been made. The Vikings need DT help and one connection is defensive coordinator Brian Flores who not only coached Wilkins in Miami but was part of the draft process to bring him there.

Wilkins spent his first three NFL seasons under Flores and was a significant piece in the defense designed to stop the run. He would be a natural fit for the Vikings who now run the same system.