7 Round 2024 NFL Mock Draft with trades by the Miami Dolphins

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Rounds 6 and 7 have the Dolphins making 9 selections.

Miami finds plenty of talent in rounds 6 and 7 to help fill out the roster and bolster special teams

Pick 176 San Francisco 49ers: Dadrion Taylor-Demerson S Texas Tech

Pick 177 Minnesota Vikings: Drake Nugent G/C Michigan

Pick 178 Ryan Flournoy WR Southeast Missori State

Pick 179 Seattle Seahawks: Kitan Oladapo S Oregon State

Pick 180 New England Patriots: Blake Watson RB Memphis

Pick 181 Los Angeles Chargers: Trevin Wallace LB Kentucky

Pick 182 Tennessee Titans: Chau Smith-Wade CB Washington State

Pick 183 New York Giants: Elijah Jones CB Boston College

Pick 184 New York Jets (trade with Miami): Edefuan Ulofoshio LB Washington

The Jets swap places with Miami as the DOlphins move from 184 to 185 and also acquire New Yorks 256th pick in the draft.

Pick 185 Miami Dolphins: Tanor Bortolini C Wisconsin

Bortolini is a solid center who has the ability and experience to play guard. After last years injury bug to the offensive line, Miami would be right by adding as many versatile offensive linemen as possible.

Tanor Bortolini
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Pick 186 Arizona Cardinals: Sam Hartman QB Notre Dame

Pick 187 Atlanta Falcons: Isaiah Adams G/C Illinois

Pick 188 Houston Texans: Sataoa Laumea G/C Utah

Pick 189 Miami Dolphins: Jaylin Simpson CB Auburn

Cornerback was another position depleted with injuries in 2023. Adding Simpson to the roster could help Miami's defense and special teams in 2024.

Jaylin Simpson
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Pick 190 New Orleans Saints: Jaylan Ford LB Texas

Pick 191 Indianapolis Colts: Jalen Green DE James Madison

Pick 192 Seattle Seahawks: Kamal Hadden CB Tennnessee

Pick 193 New England Patriots: Frank Crum T Wyoming

Pick 194 Cincinnati Bengals: Nelson Ceaser DE Houston

Pick 195 Pittsburgh Steelers: Jackson Mitchell LB UConn

Pick 196 Los Angeles Rams: Tyrone Tracy Jr RB Purdue

Pick 197 Atlanta Falcons: Curtis Jacobs LB Penn State

Pick 198 Miami Dolphins: Dallin Holker TE Colorado State

With the first of Green Bay's picks traded to Miami, the Dolphins take Dallin Holker from Colorado State. Holker showed off his one-handed catch skills at the NFL Combine as he went through the gauntlet. Pass catching tight ends are exactly what Miami's offense needs.

Dallin Holker
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Pick 199 New Orleans Saints: Dillon Johnson RB Washington

Pick 200 Buffalo Bills: Ty'Ron Hopper LB Missouri

Pick 201 Detroit Lions: Kalen DeLoach LB FSU

Pick 202 Miami Dolphins: Dominique Hampton S Washington

Miami looks to bolster their special teams depth and talent with this pick. Special teams was a much maligned unit in 2023, late round picks usually fare great for special teams.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Pick 203 Denver Broncos: Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint WR Georgia

Pick 204 Dallas Cowboys (trade with Miami): Josh Proctor S Ohio State

Miami sends Dallas their 204th pick while acquiring picks number 216 and 244 from Dallas. Dallas also sent their 2025 5th round pick as part of this trade.

Pick 205 Detroit Lions: Jalyx Hunt DE Houston Baptist

Pick 206 Cleveland Browns: Myles Jones CB Penn State

Pick 207 Denver Broncos: Johnny Dixon CB Penn State

Pick 208 Las Vegas Raiders: Daijahn Anthony S Mississippi

Pick 209 Los Angeles Rams: Myles Cole DE Texas Tech

Pick 210 Philadelphia Eagles: Layden Robinson G/C Texas A&M

Pick 211 San Francisco 49ers: Jared Wiley TE TCU

Pick 212 Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Milton QB Tennessee

Pick 213 Los Angeles Rams: Jalen Sundell G/C North Dakota State

Pick 214 Cincinnati Bengals: Tip Reiman TE Illinois

Pick 215 San Francisco 49ers: Andrew Raym G/C Oklahoma

Pick 216 Miami Dolphins: Keith Randolph Jr DT Illinois

Miami had 4 defensive tackles on the roster in 2023. Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, and Christian Wilkins are no longer on the team. Selecting Randolph here is a BPA that also fits a team need.

Keith Randolph Jr.
Virginia v Illinois / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Pick 217 Los Angeles Rams: Daijun Edwards RB Georgia

Pick 218 Baltimore Ravens: Javontae Jean-Baptiste DE Notre Dame

Pick 219 Green Bay Packers: Grayson Murphy DE UCLA

Pick 220 Tampa Bay Bucaneers: Brennan Jackson DE Washington State

Dolphins squeeze in 4 more picks in round 7

Pick 221 Tennessee Titans: Rasheen Ali RB Marshall

Pick 222 Washington Commanders: Anim Dankwah T Howard

Pick 223 Las Vegas Raiders: Gottlieb Ayedze T Maryland

Pick 224 Cincinnati Bengals: Jordan Magee LB Temple

Pick 225 Los Angeles Chargers: Keaton Bills G/C Utah

Pick 226 Arizona Cardinals: Jaylen Key S Alabama

Pick 227 Tennessee Titans: Mason Fairchild TE Kansas

Pick 228 Baltimore Ravens: Josh Wallace CB Michigan

Pick 229 Las Vegas Raiders: Jordan Strachan DE South Carolina

Pick 230 Minnesota Vikings: Erick All TE Iowa

Pick 231 New England Patriots: Tyler Owens S Texas Tech

Pick 232 Dylan Laube RB New Hampshire

Pick 233 Dallas Cowboys: Evan Williams S Oregon

Pick 234 Indianapolis Colts: Fabien Lovett DT FSU

Pick 235 Seattle Seahawks: Jordan Whittington WR Texas

Pick 236 Jacksonville Jaguars: X'Zauvea Gadlin G/C Liberty

Pick 237 Cincinnati Bengals: Kyle Hergel G/C Boston College

Pick 238 Houston Texans: Andrew Coker T TCU

Pick 239 New Orleans Saints: Trevor Keegan G/C Michigan

Pick 240 Carolina Panthers: Gavin Hardison QB UTEP

Pick 241 Miami Dolphins: Garrett Greenfield T South Dakota State

Acquiring 14 picks via trades in this mock draft means Miami can spare another pick to select yet another offensive lineman.

Garret Greenfield
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Pick 242 Tennessee Titans: Hunter Nourzad G/C Penn State

Pick 243 Cleveland Browns: Brevyn Spann-Ford TE Minnesota

Pick 244 Miami Dolphins: Anthony Gould WR Oregon State

Miami adds depth and speed to special teams.

Carson Bruener, Anthony Gould
Washington v Oregon State / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

Pick 245 Green Bay Packers: Isaac Rex TE BYU

Pick 246 Tampa Bay Bucaneers: Ro Terrence CB Arizona State

Pick 247 Houston Texans: A.J. Barner TE Michigan

Pick 248 Buffalo Bills: Nathaniel Watson LB Mississippi State

Pick 249 Detroit Lions: P.J. Jules S Souther Illinois

Pick 250 Baltimore Ravens: Braiden McGregor DE Michigan

Pick 251 San Francisco 49ers: Jackson SIrmon LB California

Pick 252 Kansas City Chiefs: Kedon Slovis QB BYU

Pick 253 Los Angeles Chargers: Tyrice Knight LB UTEP

Pick 254 Los Angeles Rams: A.J. Woods CB Pittsburgh

Pick 255 Miami Dolphins: Frank Gore Jr RB Southern Miss

For being part of a smaller school Frank Gore Jr was still ranked in the top 20 amongst running backs for 2023. Can he translate that success to the NFL?

Frank Gore, Jr.
Southern Miss v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Pick 256 Miami Dolphins: Jordan Jefferson DT LSU

Miami continues to add depth to their defensive line with this pick.

Jordan Jefferson, Whit Weeks, Nathaniel Peat
LSU v Missouri / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Pick 257 New York Jets: Khristian Boyd DT Northern Iowa

As I stated in the beginning, a 7 round mock draft is quite the task and definitely worth the research. WIth the right trades and scouting there's no reason why the Dolphins shouldn't come out with more than 6 picks. What they do with those picks is yet to be seen.