70 points and an undefeated record for the Miami Dolphins sill isn't enough to convince odds makers

The Miami Dolphins have won three in a row to start the season, have the number one offense in the NFL and just posted a 70 point game. They are underdogs against the Bills.

The Miami Dolphins offense does a dance routine after scoring against the Denver Broncos in the
The Miami Dolphins offense does a dance routine after scoring against the Denver Broncos in the / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

When the Miami Dolphins won on Sunday, naturally you would believe that they would be the talk of the town. Unfortunately, the Cardinals upset over the Cowboys was bigger news on some outlets. Then, the early betting odds came out and wouldn't you know it, the Dolphins are not favored to beat the Bills.

The starting line is Buffalo -2.5. That is exactly how the Dolphins should want it.

Miami coming off the biggest total points scored by an NFL team since 1966 could inflate some egos, could give a false sense of security. Instead, the betting lines gave a swift kick you know where and that will keep the Dolphins grounded as they prepare for the biggest game of the year so far.

Miami will head to be Buffalo unblemished. The Bills, who gave the Jets their only victory so far, will host Miami with a 2-1 record. If the Bills win, the AFC East will see a tie at the top and the Bills with a 1/2 game lead. A Miami win would give the Dolphins a two game lead in the AFC East four weeks into the season.

The Bills are going to be tough and they always are but the Dolphins are not a slouch and have proven to have a top caliber offense. Miami came within one drive of knocking the Bills out of the playoffs last year, without Tua Tagovailoa.

This is probably Miami's best test of the first half of the season. They will play the Giants and Panthers following this weekends Bills game and then will travel to Philadelphia for a huge game against the Eagles.

Miami is playing consistently good football right now and entering the week with many thinking this is the wall they hit to bring them back to reality is a good after what they did on Sunday.