A Deebo Samuel trade could fill Mike McDaniel's Deebo Samuel role in Dolphins offense

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The 49ers have put Deebo Samuel on the trade block according to reports and this is a player Mike McDaniel should be drooling over.

When Mike McDaniel left the 49ers to become the Dolphins' head coach, many fans and media members believed that McDaniel would run a similar type of offense that was run in San Francisco. It has been pretty close but the running joke is the Dolphins have yet to find someone to play the Deebo Samuel role. Why not Deebo Samuel?

Reports have indicated that so far, the 49ers have only received interest in the 4th-round range and that is likely because Samuel's salary demands will be prohibitive for most teams. The Dolphins, sadly, are one of those teams.

We can dream though can't we? The 49ers have given Brandon Aiyuk permission to seek a trade as well and so far, nothing has come of it. Would or maybe the right word is "should" the Dolphins reach out to McDaniel's former team about the big play wide receiver?

They should at least look into it but they can't afford him without getting creative with the salary. Miami's biggest problem that keeps them from making moves is their salary situation. Miami will get $18 million on June 1st from the Xavien Howard release.

Miami has to re-sign Jevon Holland but they will buy themselves time with Jaelan Phillips and Jaylen Waddle when they pick up their 5th-year options, something Chris Grier said will happen. Of course, no other story has been more talked about than the Tua Tagovailoa extension.

Once Tua's contract is decided upon, the Dolphins will have a better idea of where they stand moving forward over the next several years. Grier told the media that they look ahead two years when planning for the draft and that should be a similar situation with their contracts.

While the thought of Deebo Samuel joining the Dolphins would be an amazing thrill ride that would give defensive coordinators fits, financially, it just doesn't seem to make much sense.