A "diamond in the rough" Yemi Ward of St. Ambrose U. is a player the Dolphins should consider

With the NFL Draft process in full swing the NFL Combine is finalized and Pro Days are now taking the stage the final stages of scouting are taking place. An NFL Pro Day has NFL prospects perform agility, speed, and strength tests in front of scouts. Sometimes this is the last time a prospect will perform in front of league eyes.

Mar 3, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; NFL scouts during the 2024 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Mar 3, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; NFL scouts during the 2024 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While others it's a chance to shine and help improve someone's draft stock. Pro Days typically take place at big programs and usually invite small school prospects to attend to showcase their ability. Yemi Ward from St. Ambrose University is a NAIA prospect who is a diamond in the rough in the 2024 NFL Draft class.

Yemi Ward is an NAIA Wide Receiver from St. Ambrose University with the talent to make his mark at the next level. The Fighting Bees standout has been getting looks from scouts across the league this season recapping a very productive career at the college level.

Ward had thirty scouts attend the Northwestern Pro Day where he was invited to participate. Since concluding his career at St. Ambrose University Ward has been working hard to prepare for his pro day in which he aimed to post some outstanding numbers.

I connected with Ward during the all-star game process and he kept me updated on his progress Ward said "Just doing my part as far as working hard as I possibly can". The Miami Dolphins scouts need to take a closer look at Ward for several reasons in which make him an intriguing small-school player. Stats from his college career can be found here.

Below I have listed 5 reasons why Ward should be considered by the Miami Dolphins front office.

1. 38 starts in four years at St. Ambrose University.

Scouts look for players that show the toughness and grid to stay on the field. Ward had 38 starts in his college career. He stayed on the field and made an impact as a freshman and continued making players till he finalized his college career as a senior.

2. Builds on success from year prior.

Ward's ability to continue to improve each year shows his commitment to get better. In his film you see his game develop into a mold where he has the ability to get open almost on every play. While his sophomore year saw a slight decrease this is only the case because he moved into a full-time starter with the Bees offense.

3. Ward is primed to make big plays and stretch the field.

Ward fits the McDaniel scheme in which the offense is stretched out to find and exploit mismatches. Quick reads underneath or over the middle give others the chance to make a play deep. Ward has nice speed and the ability to make the big plays over the middle. His tape reveals a quick and explosive route runner who can get open. Averaging 14.8 yards per catch at the college level is a healthy average.

4. Finds the endzone often.

Something that is eye-opening for Ward is the amount of times he scores at TD. 37 times Ward found the end zone in his college career, most of which were long connections or big plays. Ward seems to find the end zone at least once per game, a player who is able to make plays and get points on the board is a great trait to have.

5. Ward showed off for NFL scouts.

Ward worked on drills to improve his athletic ability since he finalized his college career for his Pro day at Northwestern University. With 30 scouts in attendance, Ward was able to run a 4.44 40-yard dash, have a 37-inch vertical jump, and a 10-foot broad jump. Before his pro day, very few teams had Ward on the radar. After, he seems to have some bigger interest with several teams in the league.

Yemi Ward from St. Ambrose University is a small school talent from the NAIA who has the traits and production to be on an NFL roster. He holds the mold of what the Miami Dolphins look for in a wide receiver. The Miami Dolphins will be in search of some playmakers who can be added to the explosive offensive attack. Ward has an outstanding work ethic, production, and athletic ability to be an effective NFL player.