A Look Ahead At The Remainder Of The Season For The Miami Dolphins

The season is almost over, and the NFL playoffs are within reach. Only thing left to wonder is how the rest of Dolphins' season will play out.

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages

This is the month where the Dolphins need to make their final push to get the best playoff spot possible.

More importantly, they have to realize that their final opponents have more than a .500 winning percentage. They have an 0-3 record on that this season.

If they can't beat them, what chance do they have in the actual playoffs?

Right now, I'm thinking too far ahead.

Let's take a look at what's to come in the final games of the season.

Week 16: Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins, 12/24/23, 4:25 PM EST (FOX)

On Christmas Eve, the Dolphins look to get a step closer to a playoff berth when they face Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

Both are fighting for the top spot in their respective divisions. Unlike the Cowboys, however, no playoff berth has been clinched for the Dolphins.

A win could probably make that work, but with several other AFC teams chasing them, it will take a miracle to keep their current playoff spot.

To make things even harder, Tyreek Hill might be absent from this game due to his injury. There is still no word on when he'll return.

Now, the Dolphins will have to do everything to outplay the Cowboys' defense and overwhelm their offense if they hope to keep their playoff chances alive.

This game could come down to how much can Tagovailoa outthrow Prescott, and how much can the offense outrun the Cowboys' defense.

Week 17: Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens, 12/31/23, 1 PM EST (CBS)

Two of the AFC's top teams will not only look to end their 2023 on a high note, but get themselves another step to a higher AFC playoff ranking.

Expect to see another tense quarterback battle. This time between Tagovailoa and Lamar Jackson.

Both men are nearly matched when it comes to their skills. However, Jackson's biggest advantage is his running speed as he's every good of a rusher as he is a passer.

The Dolphins' defense needs to take that advantage into perspective and target him like the rest of the Ravens' offense.

If Hill is absent from this game too, the offense will plenty of trouble getting past the level of the Ravens' offense.

The Ravens are on top of the AFC for now, but this game will be more about survival for the Dolphins with the playoffs getting close.

Week 18: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins, 01/07/24, TBD

I have said before that the AFC East will come down to the Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, and it looks like it's going that way.

The Bills handed the Dolphins their first loss of the season in week 4 with a 48-20 win. That started the doubt that the team would be incapable of beating the best of the best.

Now, this game could end up determining who wins the AFC East.

Since losing to Philadelphia almost three weeks ago in a shocker, Buffalo has been slowly resurging and rising back up the ranks.

Their wins to the Chiefs and Cowboys were just the beginning. Once they take care of the struggling Chargers and Patriots team, the Dolphins will be all that remains.

The Dolphins haven't found an answer for Buffalo in the last three seasons. One can only hope they learned some things after their last match.