A perfect fit at guard for the Miami Dolphins, Christian Mahogany could be the guy

The Miami Dolphins need a guard whether they re-sign Robert Hunt or not and Christian Mahogany wouldn't mind if he was that guy.

Boston College v Syracuse
Boston College v Syracuse / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

Christian Mahogany is getting ready to take part in the NFL Combine with the hopes of gaining attention, he already has that of the Miami Dolphins.

Mahogany is one of the top guard prospects in this year's NFL Draft. He is expected to be drafted late in round one or midway through round two. He spoke with media ahead of this week's show and Dave Furones of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel 'pointed out that he wouldn't mind playing for the Dolphins.

Mahogany has family in South Florida and comes New Jersey. He has played at Boston College for the last four years, missing one season with an ACL injury. His former line coach? Matt Applebaum coached the offensive line for the Dolphins in 2022.

Applebaum coaches the same style that Mike McDaniel needs for his offense and as a result, as Mahogany points out, he is familiar with the scheme and requirements of that system.

Of course, the question is do the Dolphins have an interest in Mahogany? The Dolphins have spent some time looking over film during the Shrine Bowl, according to what Furones reported.

While that does not translate into a "must-draft" idealogy, It is good that the Dolphins have interest in a guy who could cement the left or right side of the line for another four years. Both Mahogany and Hunt have also apparently developed quite the friendship off the playing field and while that will have no bearing on whether the Dolphins draft him, it could be an interesting dynamic on the football field.

As for his play, Mahogany plays with balance and tenacity. He is equally good with pass protection and run blocking but plays better when he gets to move around in an outside zone-blocking scheme that allows him to work technique.