A realistic look at what the Miami Dolphins could do in the 2024 NFL Draft pick by pick

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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With the 2nd round selection, the Dolphins continue to add punch at the line of scrimmage

55th overall selection - The Miami Dolphins select Darius Robinson DE Missouri 

  • Another quick assessment here, the Dolphins have two starters but have serious injury concerns.  Jaelan Phillips might be ready and there are growing concerns that Bradley Chubbs' ACL tear is worse than everyone is letting on.    Add in the fact that the Dolphins only brought in Shaq Barrett, there is a growing concern for this position.  Again, what is the long-term focus and priority for this area?  When the Dolphins re-signed Bradley Chubb, they outlined his contract that they would have an “out” after the end of this season. 

If they don’t have an out, for the next three years Chubb will cost ~30MM against the cap and will be on the wrong side of 30 with a potential injury-prone label.  I believe that the Dolphins will shift that cap hit from Bradley and re-sign Jaelan, thereby creating a drastic need for an edge rusher. Enter Darius Robinson.  This kid is raw, but wow does he have the mold to be a scary edge rusher opposite Phillips?   Power is what sticks out when you watch the film on Robinson.  Yes, it was on the university stage and that power is matched in the NFL, but his ability to collapse a pocket is amazing.   Looking at the build of Baltimore Ravens edge rusher, Darius Robinson fits that perfectly.  This is an Anothy Weaver player.  His development will be key to Weaver's success.

Darius Robinson
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Before I move on to the later rounds of the draft, I want to highlight that the current two areas of concern, or, position where uncertainty is being discussed, have now been resolved with the Dolphins' top two selections.   Chris Grier's focus on free agency has been about bringing in depth to allow him to draft the best player available.   The drafting of Cooper and Marcus is based on the methodology above and from a financial standpoint, a decision that makes sense.