Aaron Brewer brings speed, versatility and aggression to Dolphins offensive line

Physical center can also play both guard positions and plays hard until he hears the whistle blow

Aaron Brewer takes on Travon Walker in a game last season against Jacksonville. He hopes to bring tenacity, aggression and speed to the Dolphins offensive line in 2024.
Aaron Brewer takes on Travon Walker in a game last season against Jacksonville. He hopes to bring tenacity, aggression and speed to the Dolphins offensive line in 2024. / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

When all hell breaks loose, Brewer wants to be in the middle of it.

Brewer, who can play all three interior offensive line positions, does not know where he will start, but it will most likely be center, where he took over 1,400 snaps last season.

Brewer told the South Florida media via Zoom, that he is aggressive, tenacious and nasty. Those are some of the traits that you would look for in a punishing offensive lineman. Whether it is run blocking, or getting into pass protection and keeping Tua Tagovailoa upright, Brewer is going to be looking to knock someone down until the referee signals for him to stop.

" I’m going until I hear the whistle. I’m just trying to be aggressive. I’m headhunting out there, so if I can get my hands on you, I’m on you until I hear the whistle. If we’re running downfield, the ball the hasn’t stopped yet, so I’m on you until then, until the ball passed me. Even when it passed me, I’m still trying to find some more work.”"

Dolphins offensive lineman Aaron Brewer

Brewer credits his aggression to his ability to get downfield and get into the second and third levels. He believes that his conditioning has gotten him this far and that he will add more speed to Mike McDaniel's already fast offense. He also said that he is comfortable playing center after taking every repetition last season in the middle of the line.

"“I’d say it was like when I got into the season, to be honest. Because you’ve got to think I didn’t play a full season at center since probably I was in middle school. Even when I was in high school, I was always switching center, guard, tackle, going to every one. Just having that full season of being a center and just getting that repetition and the reps, I got more comfortable in just learning my style of play with being at center.”"

Dolphins offensive lineman Aaron Brewer

"“You’ve got to be aggressive. You’ve got to be in shape. You’ve just got to be relentless. You’ve just got to be able to go. You’ve got speed. You know Derrick Henry, he’s a big back. He’s fast for his size. If your back’s fast, you’ve got to be fast as well in what you’re doing. I’ll say just being in shape, having that effort and finish mentality about you and not giving up, and being able to go four quarters.”"

Dolphins offensive lineman Aaron Brewer

Brewer blocked for Henry while playing for the Tennessee Titans. Henry is like Brewer, he is big, powerful and likes to punish people and take them head on. Henry is coming off of a big season where he ran right behind Brewer and the new lineman led him down the field.

"It’s been the mentality I’ve had with me since I can remember. That was that edge that I had, just being in condition. Because if you’re conditioned, you can have your technique and you can give the effort you need. If you’re tired, you’re not going to be able to give the effort you want to give or your technique might start lacking as well.”"

Dolphins offensive lineman Aaron Brewer.

Too many times last season, Miami's guards and center were beat off the ball and could not control the line of scrimmage. Some of that was due to injury and some of it was, well, The [Liam] Eichenberg Express coming to a stop. Eichenberg took over the center position when Connor Williams went down with an injury. Eichenberg would snap the ball past Tagovailoa and also fail to contain and hold his block.

Brewer said that he will not lose a one-on-one battle and that he lets his fundamentals take over which prohibit him from losing a battle.

" “I’d say it’s good fundamentals....It takes all of that, all together and just trying to be as fast as you can at the line of scrimmage. You’re trying to win the line of scrimmage, so whoever is coming off the ball fastest, whoever initiates that contact, that’s who most of the time is going to win the line of scrimmage. It takes those fundamentals, that aggressiveness, being intentional with everything you’re doing, your first steps and all that. It all plays together.”"

Dolphins offensive lineman Aaron Brewer.

Brewer will bring a level of ferocity to the Dolphins offensive front and the aggression seems to be contagious. It will be interesting to watch him play, especially if he is the starting center, where I project him to play. Brewer was the 11th rated center by Pro Football Focus last season and will only improve playing in McDaniel's high powered offense that depends on quickness and speed.