Adam Schefter calms the Dolphins-Tua Tagovailoa drama with new contract update

Adam Schefter has an update on the Dolphins' plans with Tua Tagovailoa.
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins want to continue with Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback per Adam Schefter, but there are still questions that need to be figured out. Schefter is trying to calm the nerves of Dolphins fans by saying Miami wants to keep its star QB, but the answer apparently is at their price.

Schefter points out that the market has changed, significantly as we all know, over the last several weeks. Whatever the market was for quarterbacks prior to Jared Goff getting his deal is no longer the same and now that the Trevor Lawrence deal is complete, the meter on Tagovailoa's contract shifted again.

The Miami Dolphins are still trying to make things work with Tua Tagovailoa

The NFL has become a "one-up" league with agents and players waiting out another player's deal and then trying to get more, regardless of whether the players are worth it or not. The days of watching high-profile elite players setting the markets are over. The rise of doing business in the NFL has gone up so much that fringe players who are better than average, but not elite, are getting paid more money. Why? It's all about timing, and that is where Tagovailoa and the Dolphins are at.

Schefter says the Dolphins want to get a deal done, but unless Tua tells them he will take less than what Lawrence and Goff received, that isn't going to happen, and Chris Grier is going to end up watching Jordan Love and Dak Prescott reset the market and then, Tagovailoa will want more.

The two sides were apparently close to a deal prior to the Goff deal, and then Lawrence moved the bar higher, and apparently, it sounds as if Tagovailoa's camp is ready to do the same. Grier, per reports, is sticking to his belief in what the Dolphins are willing to pay him.

If the Dolphins do want Tagovailoa for the long haul, it has to get done because if the organization only wants him at the price they are willing to pay, they should plan to draft another quarterback next year. There's still some drama surrounding this, but let's hope things can get finalize