AFC East: Aaron Rodgers injury is going to be a huge story in the division

The Miami Dolphins faithful are holding their mouths in check with Jets fans as Aaron Rodgers exits the game early with a lower leg injury. An injury that could shake up the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The New York Jets hope of taking the AFC East may have taken a big hit four plays innot the Aaron Rodgers era. Rodgers was sacked and appeared to suffer what initially looked like an ankle injury. He was helped off the field and then taken by cart to the locker room.

The injury brought out the entire staff of Social Media Hospital with everything from a broken ankle to an Achilles tear. At this point , all we do know is that Rodgers was shown in a boot heading to the lockers and that an initial X-Ray didn't show a break.

Rodgers will get an MRI on Tuesday and at that point we should no more.

As for the AFC East, the loss of Rodgers means that the Jets will have to start Zach Wilson the rest of the year or at least until Rodgers returns, if he does this year. The Jets, regardless of what Dolphins and Bills fans think, were going to be tough to beat with the future HOF QB.

While some believed the Jets would win the division, the reality was more likely a team that would compete for a Wild Card spot and would make it harder for the Dolphins or the Bills to outright win the division.

The Jets defense is still very good and while they are currently losing to the Bills, the defense isn't playing bad. Offensively, the Jets strength is now in their rushing attack.

Regardless of what the injury turns out to be, having Rodgers in the division is definitely more fun and we hope that it is nothing too serious if it is, the AFC East is going to be a two-team race between the Dolphins and Bills.