AFC East: Miami Dolphins back in control after Bills lose and Patriots are blown out

The AFC East is a two-team race between the Bills and Dolphins but the Jets won't go away.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins have owned at least a share of the AFC East all year and after sharing the top spot last week with the Bills, Miami is back on top.

Number 1: Miami Dolphins 4-1

Miami didn't need to do a lot to beat the New York Giants today and while they put up big numbers and scored 31 points, many fans were left feeling like the win wasn't what they expected.

Miami turned the ball over 3 times including a pick-6 INT by Tua Tagovailoa. He threw two on the day. De'Vone Achane fumbled inside the 20 yard line on the other.

Defensively, the Dolphins played well enough to win but the overall impression was far from dominating despite the 8 sacks on the day. Why? The defense gave up some big plays all over the field and despite recovering, it was a bad image after last weeks big loss to the Bills.

Regardless, the Dolphins had no problems overcoming those problems and walked out of Hard Rock with a victory.

2: Buffalo Bills - 3-2

The Bills spent a week being heralded as the best in the East after dominating Miami a week ago. Before the 1:00 games kicked off, the Bills fans were crying about bad referee calls and the fact the Jaguars got to spend a full week in England.

The Bills trailed the entire game but took a late stab at a comeback ultimately falling short and losing 25-20.

While the Bills are still the toughest team in the division, physically, they are not without their problems as they continued to turn the ball over and after holding Miami's top offense in check, they allowed the Jaguars to make plays.

3: New York Jets 2-3

The Jets are now out of the cellar but it took an entire game to hold off the Denver Broncos who are not a very good football team. The Jets posted 30 against the Broncos but 7 of those points came on a late game Russel Wilson fumble that was taken back for a score.

The Broncos were close to winning this game and needed a touchdow to win and a field goal to tie when Wilson fumbled the ball. The Jets didn't play great football but Zach Wilson made far fewer mistakes this week although a timely interception that gave the ball back to the Broncos on the final drive could have been disasterous.

For now, they are simply the 3rd team in the division thanks to the Patriots.

4: New England Patriots - 1-4

This is one of the worst starts for Bill Belichick in his career and East fans have to love watching them lose. This week, they lose 34-0 to the Saints. A team that isn't all that impressive on their own.

Nothing worked for the Patriots and Mac Jones didn't make it to 150 yards and threw two INTs on the day. The Patriots running game was nothing special and the defense had a hard time as well.

At the rate the Patriots are playing, they will not come close to .500 this year and that will put them in the mix for a top 5 draft pick next year. It will most assuredly keep setting Belichick back from his pursuit of Don Shula's win record.



Miami Dolphins will host the Carolina Panthers (0-5)

Buffalo Bills will host the New York Giants (1-4)

New York Jets will host the Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)

New England Patriots will travel to Las Vegas Raiders (1-3) Raiders play on MNF this week.