AFC East Mock Draft: Two Teams Trade Down, All Four Load Up

With Aaron Rodgers healthy, the 2024 AFC East should be highly competitive. With the Patriots rebuilding, they will get their QB of the future, while the other three teams continue the arms race to top the AFC East this season.

Florida State v Florida
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For this mock draft, I used the PFN Mock Draft Simulator. I did incorporate trades in the draft, but I only accepted trades, and never offered any. So the team had to offer me a trade package in order for me to accept. Also, even though I am a Dolphins fan, I tried to be as unbiased as possible and drafted with a mix of who I think the team should take, and what the team's front office was likely to do. With all that said, let's jump into this.

Round 1 - Patriots trade back, select Quinyon Mitchell and Laiatu Latu

The Patriots traded the 3rd pick in the draft for number 11, 23, and future picks from the Vikings. This seems to be a realistic outcome. New England has holes all over the team, and in a deep QB class, it makes sense to trade down and get more picks to help out.

I know what Pats fans might say, this is too defense heavy when our offense stinks. I get that, we'll get to it. The truth is, offense is deeper in this class than defense. So I took the best CB fit in Quinyon Mitchell with 11. He is really smart and experienced, something new HC Jerod Mayo will covet. He also is ultra athletic with great collegiate production. He will be a great addition beside Christian Gonzalez.

At 23 I selected Laiatu Latu because he was the best player on the board. I wagered that I could get my QB later, so took a disruptive edge rusher who is very technically sound. He has great hands and intelligence. He also is versatile with his coverage ability. Two great day 1 starters for New England.

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