AFC East Mock Draft: Two Teams Trade Down, All Four Load Up

With Aaron Rodgers healthy, the 2024 AFC East should be highly competitive. With the Patriots rebuilding, they will get their QB of the future, while the other three teams continue the arms race to top the AFC East this season.

Florida State v Florida
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Round 1 - Jets select Jared Verse

Angry Jets fans aside, Robert Saleh wants a defender here. Whether or not the Jets front office allows it, is another story. I think they cave and let him select Jared Verse if he is still around at 10. The offensive line has been upgraded, and with Bryce Huff leaving, they need someone to pick up where he left off. Verse has great quickness of the ball and a great tool set to get to the QB. He is not as good against the run, but he is a great prospect to rush the passer, and the Jets could use his production.

Round 1 - Bills stick at 28, select Keon Coleman

This may be the first pick an opposing fan base would be happy with. Coleman is a physical freak, and someone I think the Bills will target to replace Gabe Davis if they go WR in the first round. At this point, it could be best WR available, and Brian Thomas Jr. had been selected. Coleman, however, is no consolation prize. He is elite at plucking down high point balls and hauling in contested catches. Joe Brady and Josh Allen will appreciate having a guy who can fight through coverage to go get the football.

Round 1 - Miami trades back to 29, selects Graham Barton

Barton has quickly become one of my draft favorites this offseason, and Miami was able to trade back and select him. The Dolphins traded 21 and a 7th-rounder for 29 and 61. Miami trading back is a possibility, and I would be thrilled with this result. If Barton was gone, I like Jordan Morgan from Arizona or Kingsley Suamataia from BYU in the late first. Barton played at an All-American level for Duke at LT, but projects as a G/C due to having shorter arms. He is a guy who can start right away at LG or RG, and fill in for Armstead if he misses more time. Barton is intelligent, has good footwork, and has great hand placement. He is able to get to the second level and offers much of what Miami looks for in an offensive lineman. Grier should sprint to the podium if we can trade back to get him. Expect a full scouting report on Barton soon.

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