AFC East recap puts the Miami Dolphins behind the Bills, again, in the division rankings

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Bills on Sunday in a very big way and as a result, they find themselves a 1/2 game back in the AFC East.
Bills defenders Terrel Bernard and Micah Hyde make the tackle on Miami receiver Tyreek Hill.
Bills defenders Terrel Bernard and Micah Hyde make the tackle on Miami receiver Tyreek Hill. / Jamie Germano/Rochester Democrat and

The Miami Dolphins didn't have any answers to stopping the Bills on Sunday and the Bills had plenty of answers to stop the Dolphins.

Miami was down in the secondary and was missing their starting center but that isn't an excuse for the turnovers and 48 points the defense gave up in a game that really didn't look like Miami wanted it much after their first two scores.

With the loss, Miami drops to 3-1 in a tie with the Bills and that head to head tie won't be broken until week 18 when the two clubs wrap up the season in Miami.

It's an ugly truth, but until Miami proves otherwise, the Bills remain the team to beat in the AFC East. Miami has lost 8 in a row to the Bills in Orchard Park and Josh Allen remains perfect at home against the Dolphins.

Behind the Bills and Dolphins are the 1-3 Patriots and Jets. Both teams lost on Sunday with the Jets going down to the K.C. Chiefs by 3 and the Patriots getting drummed by the Cowboys in a game they couldn't score more than three.

So which team is better? At this point, it's a coin flip. The Jets and Patriots boast good defenses but you wouldn't know that by the Patriots loss that gave up 38 points. The Jets on the other hand have an great defense but an offense that struggles.

On Sunday, they both struggled.

For now, the AFC East belongs to the Bills who like Miami will face some tough tests throughout the season but they are the most well-rounded teams in perhaps the AFC given the talent and play on both sides of the ball.

For the Dolphins, it's one loss in a season that likely sees them in the post season but whether that is as a division winner or a WC depends on how they build off the loss.