AFC East Rumor: Stefon Diggs wanting out of Buffalo is a popcorn treat for Miami Dolphins fans

The AFC East is going to be tough this year with three teams predicted to challenge for the AFC East title. Now there is word that Stefon Diggs wants no more of the Bills.

Jul 26, 2023; Rochester, NY, USA;  Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) makes a catch
Jul 26, 2023; Rochester, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) makes a catch / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Stefon Diggs was once considered the top WR in the NFL or at least close to it. Now, he isn't typically mentioned alongside the names like DeVante Adams, Justin Jefferson, and Tyreek Hill. Last year, images of Diggs showing negative emotion on the sideline toward his teammates has been a talking point for the Bills rivals all off-season.

According to rumors, Diggs wants out of Buffalo. First, they are just rumors and Diggs himself won't or at the very least shouldn't, open his mouth publicly and confirm those rumors. Second, the Bills are not going to trade him and they are surely not going to cut him.

The Bills simply can not afford the cap hit. Releasing Diggs would save the team $30 million in cap space and while that sounds great on the surface, they would eat $45.4 million. That simply isn't palatable for any NFL team.

In 2024, Diggs is set to count $27 million in cap space but releasing him next season would still carry $30 millon in dead money against a paltry $3 million in savings. This is what happens when you overspend on a player and don't leave yourself an out.

With Diggs not going anywhere until at least 2024 but more likely 2025 at the earliest, the Bills have a potential problem on their hands and if teams like the Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots can keep Diggs from impacting games and also force Josh Allen to not look Diggs' way, they could set off an explosion within the locker room.

For most of the off-season there has been chatter about things not being smooth between the Bills, Diggs, and some of the players. If last year got Diggs upset and wanting a trade, imagine what will happen if say the Miami Dolphins shut him down as well as the Jets and Patriots? He may just blow up in the middle of a game.

At some point we are going to hear about everything being nice and friendly ahead of the season and any problems will be swept under the rug and the team will say everything is perfectly fine but there is something simmering in Buffalo, a potential powder keg ready to explode if these latest rumors are true. For Dolphins fans and fans of other AFC East teams, this might be fun to watch.