AFC East week one: Previewing the up coming games for Miami Dolphins rivals

The AFC East is going to be a wild ride in 2023 and this week the whole show kicks off as three teams vie for supremacy and the AFC East crown.

East Rutherford, NJ August 26, 2023 -- Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the first half. The NY Jets
East Rutherford, NJ August 26, 2023 -- Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the first half. The NY Jets / Chris Pedota, / USA

The AFC East has three of the best teams, on paper, in the NFL this year and the Miami Dolphins are one of the popular picks to take the East. This weekend, it all gets started.

Miami Dolphins vs. L.A. Chargers

The Dolphins and the Patriots start the season playing outside of the division. Miami will make the cross country trip to Los Angeles to take on the Chargers.

The Dolphins are poised to start the season with a win and that will allow them to keep pace with one of the other AFC East teams. It won't be easy but getting one of the likely playoff contenders out of the way early is always beneficial.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

This is the big match-up of the week. It's the "new" Jets with Aaron Rodgers against the returning AFC East champion Bills.

The Jets are a team that believe they have every piece in place to win the division and challenge for a Super Bowl. Not everyone is convinced and while most in the media see the Jets easily hitting 10 wins this year, they are still the Jets and as such, anything can happen.

The Bills on the other hand are starting a critical season as their roster is starting to get to the point of turnover, there is in-fighting with Stephon Diggs, and last season finished in a disaster. As long as Josh Allen is the QB, the Bills will compete but there isn't much room for error in the East anymore and this game is going to be an important one later in the year.

Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots

There are two things working in the Patriots favor this week. 1: They get to play at home. 2: They get the Eagles before the Eagles can really get on a roll. Neither one is significant enough to think that the Patriots are not going to suffere a loss, the question is how big?

New England is a mess and Bill Belichick, only 19 games away from breaking Don Shula's all-time win record, is facing a critcal season that has many thinking it could be his last in New England. A complete failure could result in his departure.

The Eagles, they are the top choice to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl again this year.