After losing Connor Williams, Miami Dolphins face challenges with offensive line

The Miami Dolphins offensive line is going through a lot of changes and this week they will be tested by the Jets.

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

After losing Connor Williams for the season, the Miami Dolphins had to bring in two more centers to the roster with the hopes that Liam Eichenberg could play better.

This week is going to be interesting for the Miami Dolphins offensive line and while Butch Barry has done a great job of masking the unit's deficiencies this year, his harder task is about to become a reality this week.

When the offensive line is broken, the Miami Dolphins have to do some adjusting. The speed that Miami's offense operates with masks the problems of the line. The offensive line doesn't have to hold protections as long as Tua Tagovailoa is releasing the ball in two seconds or less. When the passing game is clicking, it creates an opportunity to run the ball more efficiently.

This week, we don't know if Tyreek Hill is going to play and that will put pressure on Tua, Mike McDaniel, and Jaylen Waddle to come up with a scheme that takes advantage of the Jets cornerbacks and their extremely tough defensive line. For Miami, offensive success will come down to how well the offensive line responds.

The next four games will be tough for Miami's trench players on the offensive side. They face four straight games against some of the best defensive lines in football. If they can hold their own, the Dolphins have a shot to win. If they don't. Forget it.

Terron Armstead should play this week and that will help but he has to do more than just play. He has to play the entire game. Production for Armstead isn't a problem. It is the little nagging injuries that are a problem. An ankle, a calf muscle, a knee tweak, whatever else managed to take a bite of his health.

Inside, the Dolphins are probably going to have to use Lester Cotton and Robert Jones again. Robert Hunt is out this week as he continues to deal with a hamstring issue. Miami really needs him back.

The biggest question this week is whether or not the Dolphins will start recently signed Jonotthan Harrison at center over Eichenberg and then move Eichenberg back to guard. Harrison has 7 years of NFL experience. He has started 52 of 88 games he has played in.

If Miami starts a player added to the roster just this week, it could mean two things. One, they know Eichenberg can't do that job, or two, Miami's guards are a problem and Eichenberg is a better guard that center, which he is.

If the Dolphins are going to have success this week against the Jets and continue their quest for the AFC East division championship, the play of the linemen has to be exceptional.