Another top DT signs massive contract leaving more doubt for Chrisitan Wilkins and Dolphins

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Chris Jones is signing a massive contract to stay with the Kansas City Chiefs and that puts more pressure on the Dolphins to re-sign Christian Wilkins.

According to Adam Schefter, Jones' new deal will be a record 5-year deal that will include $95 million guaranteed. Schefter also says that his deal will be the highest average salary "ever."

Earlier this week, the Ravens signed Justin Madubuike to a big contract as well. Wilkin's deal should fall either just below or just above Madubuike's contract. That being said, Wilkins will try and get money closer to Jones' contract.

Wilkins is a good defensive tackle but he isn't elite. It's an honest truth. Wilkins is my favorite player on the roster but Jones' money is way too high and WIlkins' is not at that level or close to it.

With both Madabuike and Jones now off the market, Wilkins is going to hit the market as the top defensive tackle. That will bode well for Wilkins but not so much for the Dolphins who are already up against the salary cap.

Restructures to several contracts are expected this weekend to free cap space but the Dolphins have a lot of holes still needing to be filled and Wilkins may be a luxury they can't afford this year.

Miami reportedly still have interest in Wilkins and with the market now being set for the high, Jones' contract, and Madubuike, there is a range for Miami with Wilkins that should help negotiations if the two sides are close to a deal.

If Wilkins hits the market on Wednesday he will likely get the contract he is looking for and right now, the Dolphins should know what that will be based on the two new deals signed by Madabuike and Jones.