Are the Miami Dolphins coaching vacancies attractive to potential hires?

The Miami Dolphins have gone to the playoffs twice in the last two years but once again find themselves searching for a new defensive coordinator.

Jan 13, 2024; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel on field against
Jan 13, 2024; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel on field against / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins offseason started too soon for their fans and for the team. Then it got off to a rocky beginning with the Vic Fangio departure. Are they an attractive destination?

There are teams that can typically get the cream of the crop when it comes to adding coaching staff. Those coaches know that those teams will help their careers. Do the Miami Dolphins offer that kind of potential career development?

The Dolphins have had their share of coaches come and go and plenty of them have moved on to better things. Dan Campbell and Zac Taylor are both head coaches in the NFL and there are others who have done great jobs with their respective clubs.

Those coaches were promoted in Miami and eventually were replaced but what about coaches wanting to come to Miami? Say a defensive-minded coach, is this an ideal landing spot?

Miami is a unique opportunity. There is a young HC who is turning the team around and a stable of defensive players to build a system around. There will also be holes on defense that the new DC should have input in regarding their replacements...if Chris Grier lets them.

The answer to the question is absolutely yes. In fact, the Dolphins are an opportunity that coaches should be knocking the door down to get in at least for this year. If the Dolphins fail to move the needle next year, Stephen Ross could start to get antsy and Mike McDaniel will end up on the hot seat.

In many cases, good coaches try to avoid taking jobs with bad teams but the Dolphins are different. They are not a bad football team but they are lacking discipline and direction, especially on defense. Fangio's one season brought some good outings by the Dolphins D but there have been public comments made that it wasn't a great fit and was full of friction between Fangio and the players at times.

A coach looking to gain attention around the league or a veteran coach looking to reestablish himself, the Dolphins are a destination that should have many prospective coaches salivating at the possibility.

From free agency to the current roster, there is a big opportunity to put one coach's thumbprint on this defense. Again, provided Chris Grier includes them in the personnel decisions as it was reported that last year he didn't consult Fangio all the time.

In most cases when a team has a head coach on the hot seat vacancies are not all that attractive but McDaniel isn't on that seat yet and that makes Miami an attractive destination.

Note: A previous version mentioned Houston DC Bobby Slowic instead of Dolphins defensive coach Ryan Slowik.