Are the Miami Dolphins protecting the future or being too bold?

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With the NFL Draft only a week away the Miami's seem to be heading into the draft with a few picks. With limited draft capital Miami will have to be very passive in the draft. While anything could be in play most Miami Dolphins fan don't expect much from the brass on the three day draft period. To break down this a bit further it doesn't seem they are slowing down the chase for big names with little cap space. The question burns for me though are the Dolphins being careful about the future. Here 4 reasons that Miami is being both careful and bold at the same time.

1. Bold shows the idea that the draft class is weak.

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The Dolphins feel that trading for elite talent with draft capital is a better investment that a young pick. They feel proven talent is easy to coach and knows the NFL speed. With that being said Miami seems to be invested in the now and looking toward the future in grooming younger players for later success. Many teams have been doing this for the last few seasons, so to great success while others have not.

2. Winning culture is now.

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The Miami Dolphins were named as one of the best franchises to play for, seems that the locker room has embraced the now and future around Mike McDaniel. The leaders openly talk about the locker room and how everyone is ready. The young leaders seem to already be primed to be the next franchise players after today's blue chip guys move on.

3. Cap Space and Contracts.

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The Miami Dolphins have done a great job working the salary cap and offering good contracts to players who might get more on the market. Talented players big things from the locker room and take less. They continue to offer bold contracts and rewarding players that are tenure with the team. These friendly contracts will help us down the road when we need to resign core players.

4. Deeply invested in Tua Tagovailoa and Mike McDaniel

Tua Tagovailoa
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The front office has shown strong faith in Tua and MIke McDaniel. I have not seen them so committed to a QB in recent years but Tua seems to be improving each year and making big strides. McDaniel has not only helped the offense come alive but has won respect in the locker room and for years to come. It's great to see Miami have a coach who seems to be liked by everyone in the league and a QB .