Austin Jackson line up as the starting right tackle for the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans. Austin Jackson
Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans. Austin Jackson / Silas Walker/GettyImages

According to Chris Grier, the Dolphin's general manager, the expectation for this new season, is that Austin Jackson becomes the Dolphins starting right tackle. 

The first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft for the Miami Dolphins, really wants to leave his name in the competition, and this season could be the one that defines his future not only in the sport but also with this team, this is because if the offensive linebacker has another bad season, the Dolphins, will not activate his fifth-year option in his contract.

Let's remember that last season, was a nightmare for the 23-year-old player, due to an injury in the first week of the 2022 season, against the New England Patriots. But that wasn't the bad part of last year, in week 12 it was set to be the comeback for Jackson, but another injury against Houston Texas determine the end of his games that season.

Since his arrival, how many games did the number 73 play?

During the 3 years, Austin was in the Miami Dolphins; he has played a total of 32 games, being in the starting team on 30 occasions. Making it clear that when he is available for playing, he is an important and relevant player for the team. 

What is the doubt about Jackson?

But the big concern that the Dolphins fans have regarding the former USC is whether or not he can protect the quarterback Tua Tagovailoa´s blind side, which has been a problem for the team during the season. Also, protecting Tua from any injury or harm the opposing team might try to do, is because Tagovalia has already suffered from two concussions.

Even though there is huge pressure on the 320lbs offensive linebacker´s return to the field, Grier is confident that he is going to have a good season, and is excited for his return, as he confirmed in a pre-draft conference

""We are excited for him. He was frustrated with the injuries last season but has been working hard,”"

Chris Grier

What do you think about Austin being the starting right tackle?