Beating the Dallas Cowboys comes down to one simple offensive game plan

The Miami Dolphins will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and there will be a lot of Cowboys fans in the stands. MIami can keep them quiet.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

When the Miami Dolphins begin their game against the Cowboys on Sunday, there is one game plan that needs to be executed on offense to win this game. Mike McDaniel needs to recognize it.

The Cowboys are a good football team. I wouldn't say great but they are good and they are pushing for a division title in the NFC East which was only a month ago belonging to the Eagles. For Miami, it is the same thing. Visions of a division title dancing in their heads.

If the Miami Dolphins want to win, they need to run the ball. Then they need to run it some more.

Miami has a fast-hitting top unit at wide receiver but we need to realize that the Cowboys are going to take away Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle and force Miami to beat them on the ground. Miami should take them up on this. If the Cowboys come out stacking the line, then McDaniel can burn them with the passing game.

This isn't a chess match for McDaniel. He needs to force the Cowboys' defense into doing what he wants. If he wants a passing game that will put quick points on the board then he needs to pound the ball and force the Cowboys to stop them. If they can't, don't stray away from running the ball.

Miami has a great running game and the Cowboys just came off a bad game in that regard against the Bills last week. The Cowboys were embarrassed. Miami needs to do it again.

If McDaniel can do this, the Dolphins can control field position, control the clock, give their defense long rests on the sideline, and keep the Cowboys' offense off the field. Dak Prescott and his offense can be very good but if they are a team based on rhythm and as the game goes on, they get better. Keep them out of sync and force them to answer drives, the Dolphins defense will have it much easier.

Tyreek Hill may play. He practiced this week but it will still come down to a game-time decision on Sunday. The running game is the most important part of this week. Run the ball and the Dolphins will win this game. Abandon it and Miami may have to play a closer contest than they needed to.

Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane are going to be the most important cog in this week's game plan.