Beer prices for Miami Dolphins home games are among the highest in the NFL

Going to a Miami Dolphins game can drain your bank account and the cost of beer is one of those reasons
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Tua Tagovailoa is about to get a massive pay increase, and Miami Dolphins fans will find a reason to complain about it, especially at the concession stands at Hard Rock Stadium. To be fair, the price of beer at HRS is not because of Tagoavailoa's contract, the beer has been high priced for a while. A new post on "X" shows the beer prices for every NFL team and the Dolphins have the fifth-highest price for a 16oz can in the NFL.

The Eagles lead the league with a $14.67 price for a brew, followed by the two L.A. teams, the Rams and Chargers, at $13.75 for every beer consumed at their stadium. If you want a bargain, you need to go to Detroit and Atlanta. Both stadiums charge an incredible $6.25 per 16 oz of suds. For all the complaining Bengals fans give their owner, at least they only pay $6.59 per bottle.

Beer prices for Dolphins games are among the highest in the NFL and for good reason

For Miami on the other hand, the cost of a regular beer will set you back $11 on game day. It isn't horribly bad - well yeah it kind of is, but at least it isn't close to the $15.00 Philadelphia fans have to pay. The league average for a beer is $9.56, according to the report, so the Dolphins are above the average.

As for the Dolphins quarterback? No, Miami hasn't jacked up the prices to pay Tua, but don't be surprised if prices don't continue to go up. Tickets have risen over the years and last year the Dolphins raised season ticket prices for the first time in a while.

The cost to run stadiums and pay the wages of employees continue to go up, as minimum wage requirements change as well. That burden of cost will always trickle down to the fans, who have to pay a pretty been for a beer to watch the Dolphins.