Believe it or not the Miami Dolphins are the most stable franchise in the AFC East

If you can believe it, the Miami Dolphins are the most stable team in the AFC East and it's not close.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Check your pulse because believe it or not you are currently living in a reality where the Miami Dolphins are the most stable team in the AFC East.

That's right, after years of the most senseless, most completely avoidable situations that could only possibly happen to the Miami Dolphins, the Dolphins are now the model for stability in the AFC East.

After the head-shaking, laughable game that the Buffalo Bills vomited up last night against the Broncos, the same Broncos the Dolphins causally dropped 70 on this year, they ended up firing offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey.

With the unrest that will still happen post-Dorsey, there are questions about whether or not Sean McDermott will be the head coach next year, the Bills, who have been pretty steady as she goes for years are on the verge of a dying star implosion. I really hate to see it.

Then you have the New England Patriots, who are running fake spikes at their own 30 in an attempt to move the ball with 40 seconds to win a game whose coach is two months away from being politely asked to get out of Boston. That's a franchise that will be changing coaches along with admitting that their 1st round QB from a few seasons ago is toast.

Finally, you have the New York Jets, who can't for the life of me, can not or will not bench Zach Wilson when they should be checking to see if anyone from the XFL would like to play QB for them. They're currently being held hostage by Aaron Rodgers who is putting on a weekly show of limping around the sidelines while gingerly throwing passes as if I'm supposed to be impressed.

This leaves the Miami Dolphins, who are currently in 1st place in the AFC East whose only issue is not beating the very best teams in the NFL. Though I don't love that about them at least everything inside the building is going smoothly. Their coach and QB are on the same page as much as any duo in the league and nothing incredibly stupid is happening that everyone can point at and laugh at. I think that matters.

With the Miami Dolphins, anything can pop off and turn this franchise into a laughing stock. It's happened many times before. But for right now, the Miami Dolphins are far and away the most stable team in the AFC East which is something nobody had happening when they were the only ones interviewing Mike McDaniel 21 months ago. What a great time to be a fan of this team.

Now, the Miami Dolphins need to be as locked as they can, expect a tough effort from the Raiders, and get back to what they were doing three weeks ago and that's put points on the board.

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